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How long does it take to gain muscle mass

The time it takes to gain muscle by doing a physical exercise, such as bodybuilding, is approximately 6 months, but it depends on the individual's biotype and its genetic load.

However, if you do not do the exercises correctly and regularly, do not feed yourself properly and do not rest, this time can be much longer.

How long does it take to gain muscle mass

Changes to the body

The first changes to the body are usually:

  • In the first and second month of exercise the body starts to adapt to the physical activity. It is during this time that you feel more pain after exercise and your cardiovascular system adapts to the effort as it gains strength, endurance and flexibility.
  • After 3 months of regular exercise, the body starts to burn more of the accumulated fat, and in this period, although there are no big gains in the muscles, you can see a good decrease in the layer of fat under the skin. From there it becomes increasingly easier to lose weight.
  • Between 4 and 5 months after you start physical activity, you will considerably decrease in fat and there will be a greater release of endorphins in the body, making your mood better and more physically disposed. And it is only after 6 months of you beginning physical activity that you will observe a considerable gain of muscle mass.

The muscles that take the most time to develop are the triceps, inner thighs and calves. These will never "grow" as quickly as other muscle groups because of the type of fibers they have, and nothing can be done about it. See some tips on how to increase muscle mass.

How to facilitate muscle gain

To potentiate the exercises and to gain muscle mass faster you can choose some strategies, that must be guided by a nutritionist and a professional of physical education, preferably. According to the person's goal, the nutritionist may recommend the use of protein supplements and the consumption of protein-rich foods at all meals, such as chicken, egg and fish, for example. See other protein rich foods.

Also, it is important to rest and avoid training the same muscle group every day because the muscle grows while resting. However, even on the days you rest, it is important to maintain proper nutrition.

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