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How is the pap test done

The pap smear is done can be done at the doctor's office, It is a quick and simple procedure and there is no need to use anesthesia or any other type of medication. This procedure does not hurt, although it can cause a slight discomfort the moment the doctor scrapes the cervix.

The pap test, which is used to diagnose vaginal inflammation, sexually transmitted diseases such as HPV, and to identify cervical cancer and should be performed once a year by women who have started their sex life, especially those between 25 and 59 years old.

How is the pap test done

What happens during the exam

During the test, the doctor observes if there is any change in the outside of the vagina, and then starts the pap smear:

  1. A small instrument called the speculum is inserted into the vagina to keep the vaginal canal opened, so that the doctor can observe the cervix;
  2. The gynecologist observes the inside of the vagina and cervix;
  3. The gynecologist uses a wooden spatula and a brush to scrape part of the cervix;
  4. The collected material is stored and taken for laboratory analysis.

The entire procedure lasts about 5 minutes, and the woman should remove the clothing below the waist, lying on the gynecologist's stretcher with her legs apart. If the woman is a virgin, the doctor uses a special material that maintains virginity.

After the appointment is completed, the woman does not need to have special care, being able to do all her daily activities normally. In general, the result takes about 14 days to come back.

How to prepare for a pap test

Preparing for the pap smear is simple and includes avoiding intimate relationships even with the use of condoms, avoiding intimate hygiene showers, and avoiding the use of medications or vaginal contraceptives in the 2 days prior to the exam.

In addition, the woman also can not be menstruating, because the presence of blood can alter the results of the test.

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