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5 Great Home Remedies to Remove Warts

A great home remedy to remove common warts that appear on the skin of the face, arms, hands, legs or feet is to apply masking tape directly on the wart, but another form of treatment is to apply a little essential oil of tea tree, apple, echinacea or garlic.

Usually warts are benign and do not cause major health problems, especially if they are located in parts of the body other than the intimate regions, because if they are present in this region, they are called genital warts that can only be treated by a doctor.

1. Adhesive tape

5 Great Home Remedies to Remove Warts

Adhesive tape is a simple and easy option to remove warts faster, as it can help to remove excess skin, it also stimulates the immune system to eliminate the wart faster. According to a study done with children, the tape can completely remove a wart in up to 2 months, without the need to use a chemical treatment.

To do this type of treatment you must cover the wart with adhesive tape for 6 days and then remove and plunge the wart in water for a few minutes. Finally, a pumice stone or nail file should be used to remove the skin that is already dead. Then you should place the tape and repeat the process until the wart disappears.

This treatment is also one of the natural options recommended by the American Association of Dermatology.

2. Tea tree oil

5 Great Home Remedies to Remove Warts

Tea tree oil, is a potent natural antiviral that can help the body fight the virus that causes the wart. Hence, this oil is a good option to replace the chemicals used for the removal of warts.

To use this oil you should apply a drop 2 to 3 times a day on the wart and let it act as long as possible. In children, or if there is any irritation on the skin of an adult, the essential oil can be diluted in a drop of vegetable oil such as sweet almonds or avocado oil, for example

3. Nail polish

5 Great Home Remedies to Remove Warts

The clear nail polish, when applied in place, decreases the amount of oxygen that reaches the wart, causing the cells to die and be eliminated more easily.

However, this treatment is not approved by all dermatologists and so you should consult your doctor before applying the nail polish on the wart to eliminate it.

4. Minced garlic

5 Great Home Remedies to Remove Warts

Garlic is a food rich in sulfur compounds, such as allicin, which have potent antiviral action. So it can be applied directly to the wart to help the body eliminate it faster. In a study done with children, garlic appears to remove the entire wart in about 9 weeks of topical application.

So to use the garlic you should either chop the garlic clove or cut it into slices and apply it over the wart, then covering it with a bandage. This technique should be done at night before bedtime, and in the morning you can wash your hands and repeat every night until the wart disappears. Ideally, garlic should be applied only on the wart, as it may cause inflammation of the surrounding skin.

5. Apple vinegar

5 Great Home Remedies to Remove Warts

Apple cider vinegar is an acidic substance that can help in the chemical exfoliation of the skin by removing excess skin from the wart. Hence, it can be used as popular treatment for warts.

To use apple cider vinegar one should wet one piece of cotton in the vinegar and apply on top of the wart at night. To prevent the cotton from leaving the place one should place a band aid to hold it.

Since vinegar is acidic, it can cause skin irritation and so it is important to stop the treatment if redness or discomfort develops on the skin around the wart. This type of treatment should not be used on the face.


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