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3 Great tips to treat constipation

There are 3 great natural tips that can help with constipation, they are very simple and efficient and involve ingesting teas, juices and doing an abdominal massage. You should avoid the use of laxatives because they may vitiate the intestine and change it's normal flora, which can cause nutritional deficiencies.

With these natural techniques it is possible to stimulate the intestinal movement and improve the consistency of stools, facilitating their expulsion.

3 Great tips to treat constipation

1. Drinking warm tea straight after waking

The tea should be smooth, like chamomile or lavender, and not have a laxative effect, like the sacred shell. This type of tea stimulates the intestine because of the temperature of the tea and it is important that this stimulus be regular, so you should repeat the same "ritual" daily.

See what teas can be laxative.

2. Do a stomach massage

To do this type of massage, you should close your hand and use the "knot" of your fingers to massage the belly region, moderately pressing the muscles in the region.

The massage should be started by positioning your closed hand under the ribs on the right side and follow the direction of the arrows as shown in the image below:

3 Great tips to treat constipation

It is important that you start at the top and go downward, because your intention should be to massage the final part of the intestine. This massage should be performed for at least 5 minutes and can be done with you lying or sitting down.

3. Drink papaya and orange juice

Another excellent natural option to stimulate bowel function consist in drinking juice made with 2 oranges and 1/2 small papaya. You should drink this juice ideally always at the same time, for example, at 10:00 p.m. See other options of laxative juices that can help with constipation.

In addition to these tips, the position that the person assumes so that she can defecate may also be making the passing of stools difficult.

How to alleviate constipation during pregnancy

These techniques can be used for those who have get constipated during pregnancy because they do not imply medicine use, with the exception of the abdominal massage, which can be replaced by walking or water aerobics, and should be repeated initially for 3 consecutive days at identical times, and then 3 times a week, so that the constipation or lazy gut can begin to regulate it's movements again.

How to alleviate constipation in babies

In babies constipation occurs when there poop is dry, when they to not defecate easily or when they take more than 3 days to evacuate. In these cases, you should take them to the pediatrician, although tea and abdominal massage may be used initially.

Infants who are under the age of 1 year of age may not be able to eat all the recommended fruits for when people are constipated, however the massage technique and warm tea can be used.

In addition to these 3 homemade tips for treating constipation, it is important to always keep in mind that:

  • Even if you are on a diet, be sure to eat and respect your schedule even if you eat smaller amounts of food. This is extremely important to maintain reflex and bowel stimulation.
  • Drinking water during the day, outside of mealtimes, helps to make stools softer and this is essential for anyone who gets easily constipated or has hemorrhoids.
  • Eat at least 4 fruits a day and preferably with peel such as apple, pear, peach or plum. This helps the lazy gut to function better and regularize it's movements.

This technique, which does not need medication and should be repeated, initially, for 3 consecutive days at identical times and then 3 times a week for the gut to regulate its movements.

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