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5 Great tips to lose belly fat

To lose belly fat, it is recommended you follow healthy diet and do physical activity on a regular basis, so that you can burn the accumulated fat, improve your cardiovascular system and increase metabolism, causing the body to burn more energy during the day and the night, therefore favoring the loss of abdominal fat.

So you should invest in natural thermogenic foods, such as green tea, for example, because they accelerate your metabolism rate and have a diuretic effect, reducing fluid accumulation and eliminating abdominal fat more quickly.

The 5 great tips we recommend to eliminate belly fat are:

1. Drink green tea 

5 Great tips to lose belly fat

In addition to drinking water you should drink teas because they can help to eliminate toxins and lose weight. A great example is green tea, which has catechins that may help to dry the belly, or a diuretic tea such as dandelion mixture with leather hat and sarsaparilla, which can help to eliminate the excess fluid from the body, reducing the swelling of the belly.

See other recipes in: 5 teas that help weight loss.

2. Exercise everyday

5 Great tips to lose belly fat

Exercising daily is important not only to lose abdominal fat, but also because exercising improves your mood and your willingness to perform daily tasks, prevents illness and improves your quality of life.

A great option to burn abdominal fat is running, because during this exercise the body uses the accumulated fat as an energy source. In addition to running, it is important to do some exercises like localized gymnastics or bodybuilding to ensure the growth of your muscles, which increase metabolism rate naturally and favor the elimination of the accumulated fat.

3. Eat more vegetables, greens and cereals

5 Great tips to lose belly fat

To follow a proper diet you need to make small meals every 3 hours by consuming more in vegetables, greens and cereals. Eating fibers in all meals is a great strategy to avoid getting hungry. Therefore you should write down everything you eat by making a food log, which can help you to be more aware of everything you are eating, making it easier to identify your food errors.

In addition, very sweet, greasy and frozen foods ready to be consumed should be avoided whenever possible. If you want to lose belly fat, you should base your diet on natural foods like fruits, vegetables and lean proteins like white meats or tofu. It is also important to make regular meals during the day, avoiding moments in which the volume of the meal is too big and so the body doesn't produce insulin in excess and more body fat.

4. Eat food rich in fibers

5 Great tips to lose belly fat

It is important to have a high fiber diet, this source can be found in fruits and vegetables, so that the bowel functions properly. In this way it is possible to avoid constipation and the use of laxatives that can irritate the intestine and lead to abdominal swelling and increased gas production, for example.

To help regulate the intestine, you should consume seeds such as sesame, flaxseed and chia, by adding 1 tablespoon in each meal. However, to ensure the elimination of feces, drink 2 liters of water and unsweetened tea juice every day. See more examples of Foods rich in fibers.

5. Massage the belly with fat reducing cream

5 Great tips to lose belly fat

Localized daily massages on the belly help activate blood circulation and shape the silhouette. To do these massages it is important you use a good fat burning cream that contains caffeine or methyl nicotinate, such as ReduxCell reducing gel.

The toxins concentrate themselves inside the fat, so it is very important to ensure you are well hydrated, so that they can be eliminated through the intestine and urine, because when there is a large amount of localized fat burnt, there is also a large release of toxins through the body, which should be eliminated so as not to cause swelling and lead to premature aging.

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