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Best foods that favor healing

Healing foods, such as milk, yogurt, orange and pineapple, are important in recovery after surgeries because they facilitate the formation of tissues that close wounds and helps to diminish the development of scars.

To improve healing, it is also important to keep your body well hydrated, as this will make the skin more elastic and the scar look better. A good solution can be water-rich foods like orange, watermelon, cucumber and soups in general.

Healing foods
Healing foods

Foods that help heal faster

Check the table below for examples of foods that contribute to the skin healing better and that should be consumed that should be consumed after a surgery or a simple cut, as after tattoo or piercing:

 ExamplesPost-operative benefits
Foods rich in ProteinsLean meat, egg, fish, gelatin, milk and dairy productsThey aid in the formation of tissue that will be needed to close the wound.
Foods rich in Omega 3Sardine, salmon, tuna or chia seedsThey reduce inflammation which aids in healing.
Healing fruitsOrange, strawberry, pineapple or kiwiImportant in the formation of collagen because it can help the skin to become firmer.
Foods rich in Vitamin KBroccoli, asparagus or spinachThey help in clotting by stopping bleeding and facilitating healing.
Foods rich in IronLiver, egg yolks, chick peas, peas or lentilsHelps keep healthy blood cells, which are important for bringing nutrients to where the wound is.
Foods rich in ValineSoybeans, Brazil nuts, barley or eggplantThey improve the quality of tissue regeneration.
Foods rich in Vitamin ESunflower, hazelnut or peanut seedsImproves the quality of the new skin.
Foods rich in Vitamin ACarrot, tomato, mango or beetThey are good for preventing skin inflammation.

Taking a food supplement Cubitan can also be helpful in facilitating the healing process, especially in the case of wounds and bedsores that appear in bedridden people.

Foods that hinder healing

Certain unhealthy foods can hinder healing and should not be consumed after surgery. This includes sweets, soft drinks, fried foods or processed meats such as sausage

These foods can impair healing because industrialized sugar and fat increase inflammation in the body and hinder the circulation of blood, which is essential for nutrients to reach the wound and heal the tissue.

Therefore, it is important to exclude from your diet everything that has fat and especially sugar, such as:

  • Powdered sugar, honey, cane molasses;
  • Soda, candies, chocolate, ice cream and biscuits, stuffed or otherwise;
  • Chocolate milk, jams with sugar;
  • Fatty meats, pork, sausage, sausage, bacon.

A good strategy is to look at the label of industrialized foods and check if there is sugar in the list of ingredients of the product. Sometimes the sugar is hidden with some strange name like Maltodextrin or Corn Syrup.

Diet that may facilitate post-operative healing

A good meal option to eat in the postoperative phase is vegetable soup, beaten in the blender with a strand of olive oil. This first meal should be liquid and should be taken in a glass with a straw to make it easier.

When you feel less nauseous, you can make a light meal, giving preference to cooked foods and vegetables. A good tip is to eat 1 serving of grilled or boiled salmon, seasoned with herbs and broccoli, and 1 glass of orange juice whipped with strawberries.

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