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Fetal development at 7 weeks of pregnancy

Fetal development at 7 weeks gestation, which is about 2 months of pregnancy, is marked by the development of the heart, which now has 4 well-defined chambers that allow a heart beat.

At this stage it is common for the mother to suffer from nausea and headaches and this is due to the levels of beta HCG in the bloodstream. Soon, the concentration of this hormone will decrease, which may represent the end of nausea, but despite this there are pregnant women who feel nauseous until the end of their pregnancy.

If at 7 weeks the embryo has not yet been seen on an ultrasound, the gestational time may be shorter than the assumed 7 weeks.

Fetal development at 7 weeks of pregnancy
Fetal development at 7 weeks of pregnancy

Fetal development at 7 weeks of pregnancy

The development of the fetus at 7 weeks' gestation is constant. Transformations happen every minute. This week the placenta is much larger than the baby, the eyes on the side of the head begin to become closer, the elbows already move, the fingers are still close together but they can already be seen and the fetus's head is still leaning over her stomach.

The baby's organs begin to form but it is too early to perform any function, and although the arms and legs are already present, they are initially similar to the rowing of a boat.

The lungs begin to develop, as do the muscles and bones. The head and brain are growing rapidly, and the baby already has the appendix properly formed.

At this stage the baby may move, but the mother will probably only feel 18 weeks pregnant.

Size of the fetus at 7 weeks' of pregnancy

The fetus at 7 weeks is about the size of a bean seed, measuring approximately 8 mm.

Changes that occur in a woman's body at 7 weeks' of pregnancy

The main change in the woman's body at 7 weeks of pregnancy is a slight alteration in the belly. The baby is growing and although you may feel a lot of nausea and do not feel like eating anything, the uterus begins to lean more forward and this can begin to be noticed.

During pregnancy, it is common for women to feel nauseated and crave food. These desires represent some nutritional deficiency that the woman has, so she needs more iron in the body, she may desire foods rich in iron such as meats, chocolate or barbecue, for example. It is common to start feeling sick with certain foods, especially the most oily ones with a very intense smell.

If dizziness is very intense, the doctor may prescribe the use of a medication for nausea during pregnancy, but a good tip is soon after getting up in the morning to eat a cracker and only after a few minutes have breakfast.

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