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35 Weeks of pregnancy: fetal development

A 35-week-old baby, which is equivalent to 8 months of pregnancy, is already fully formed and looks as expected at birth. However, it still needs to grow a little longer and gain more weight before they are born.

At 35 weeks' gestation, the baby is usually turned head down, but in some cases he may be seated, and some exercises can be done to help the baby turn with his head downwards.

35 Weeks of pregnancy: fetal development

Fetal development at 35 weeks of gestation

At 35 weeks, all of the baby's organs are fully formed except the lungs that continue to develop and produce more fluid that will stop them from stopping when the baby begins to breathe. The two kidneys already work 100%, as well as the liver, which is also able to perform its functions, processing substances that the body no longer needs.

The baby's face becomes smoother, the wrinkles disappear, and the skin is pink in color and no longer reddish because of the white fat that has accumulated on it. This fat will give them energy and control over their body's temperature after it is born. In addition, the baby is covered by a thick layer of creamy vernix and may already have enough hair and the fingernails reach the fingertips, but the toenails are not yet fully developed.

The wall of the uterus and abdomen of the mother thinner, allowing more light to pass, which will make it easier to regulate the activity cycles during the day / night and will cause the baby to close and blink, reacting to the intense light. He will also react frequently to sounds, being able to move or jump when he hears a loud noise, a song, or his mother's voice.

Now there is not much space inside the womb and the baby may have already turned around and assumed the upside down position, ready to be born. It is likely to feel quite tight in the womb and may have difficulty moving, but the mother will continue to feel the movements and if you look at your belly, you can sometimes be able to distinguish the contour of an elbow, a foot or the head.

Size of a 35 week fetus

The size of a fetus at 35 weeks is approximately 43,7 centimeters in length and weighs about 1900 g.

35 Weeks of pregnancy: fetal development
35 Weeks of pregnancy: fetal development

Changes to the mother's body at 35 weeks

Changes in the woman at 35 weeks of gestation are symptoms of shortness of breath and indigestion as the uterus is too close to the ribs, compressing the stomach, digestive tract and lungs. A good tip is to try to breathe deeply whenever there is difficulty breathing and making smaller and more frequent meals.

The number of times you go to the bathroom increase due to the weight of the uterus on the bladder, the mother should not reduce water intake because the baby needs plenty of fluids. A good idea, however, is to reduce the consumption of diuretic drinks such as tea, coffee and soda.

At this stage of pregnancy, women can usually have gained a lot of weight and her belly button may be bulging and bigger.

From that week, the doctor should ask the mother to attend weekly consultations until the day of delivery to more closely control the mother's blood pressure and the position of the baby.

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