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34 Weeks of pregnancy: fetal development

The baby at 34 weeks of gestation, or 8 months of pregnancy, is already well developed. At this stage, if a premature birth occurs, there is more than a 90% chance of the baby surviving without major health problems.

This week, most babies have already turned upside down, but if your baby is still seated, your doctor may perform a maneuver to make him turn upside down so that you can have a vaginal delivery.

34 Weeks of pregnancy: fetal development
34 Weeks of pregnancy: fetal development

Fetal development at 34 weeks of gestation

At 34 weeks the fetus has a greater layer of fat because it will need it to regulate its body temperature outside the uterus after birth. Due to this weight gain, the baby's skin looks smoother.

The central nervous system and immune system are still maturing, but the lungs are almost fully developed.

Hearing is almost 100% developed, so it's a good time to talk to your baby a lot if you have not already. He likes more high-pitched sounds, especially his mother's voice.

The process of pigmentation of the iris, in the eyes are still not complete. This will only be possible after greater exposure to light several weeks after birth. That is why some babies are born with light eyes and then darken, having their final color only after some time.

This week, the baby prepares for childbirth. The bones are already quite strong, but the skull is not yet fully connected, which will facilitate their passage through the vaginal canal at the time of normal delivery.

If it is a boy, the testicles begin to descend. It may happen that one or both testicles does not go to the correct position before birth or even through the first year.

Size of a 34 week fetus

The size of a fetus at 34 weeks is approximately 43,7 centimeters in length and weighs about 1900 Kg (About 4 pounds).

Changes to the mother's body at 34 weeks

The changes to the women's body at 34 weeks of pregnancy is linked to the sensation of more intense pain or numbness in the hip when walking. This is due to the preparation of the pelvic region for childbirth, with the loosening of the joints. If the discomfort is too much to bear, you should tell your doctor in one of your appointments, because at this stage they are more frequent.

An itch is also noticed in the breasts as they grow. You should moisturize them to the maximum with vitamin E-based creams to prevent stretch marks.

You will feel contractions that may cause some cramps, in addition to a hard belly.

At this stage, it is important for the pregnant woman to start thinking about a person to help her with domestic services, such as her husband, mother, mother-in-law or a maid because every day she will feel more tired, and will having more difficulty in sleeping. The size of the belly may also make it difficult to perform many physical tasks.

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