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Egg Diet Plan to Lose Weight

No restrictive diet based on very limited calories or nutrients is a healthy option to achieve or maintain weight within the ideal. Although the egg has ceased to be the health villain, and since it is proven that its daily consumption does not cause problems like high cholesterol and atherosclerosis when the disease is not yet in place, the continuous intake of this food alone is not a balanced option or allows you to maintain a good health.

In this case, the egg diet is based on including 2 to 4 eggs per day in meals, making the diet controlled and low calorie and high in protein which decreases hunger.

Egg Diet Plan to Lose Weight

The major drawback is the limitation of the type of protein ingested.

Egg Diet Menu

The following table provides an example of a 3-day egg diet menu:

MealDay 1Day 2Day 3
BreakfastSugar-free coffee + 2 boiled eggs + 5 cashew nuts1 cup of white tea + 2 scrambled eggs with butter Sugar-free coffee + 2 egg omelet with cheese
Morning snack1 apple1 pear2 slices of watermelon

1 fillet of chicken with tomato sauce, olive oil and cauliflower rice with vegetables

2 egg omelet  with a chicken, tomato and oregano fillingRoasted fish with vegetables and olive oil
Afternoon snack1 natural yogurt with chia seedsSugar-free coffee + 2 slices of cheese curd1 natural yogurt + 1 cooked egg

Eggs can be consumed cooked, because they have less calories that way, or fried with a little olive oil, butter or coconut oil, as they are sources of good fats for the body.

Egg Diet Rules

In addition to increasing egg consumption, the diet also includes a higher consumption of fresh and light foods such as salads, fruits, chicken, fish and good fats such as olive oil, nuts and seeds.

As with any diet, it is forbidden to consume foods like alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, ready made juices, sweets, fried foods, frozen or powdered ready meals, fast food and salt excesses.

Advantages of an egg diet

The egg diet can be advantageous in a short period of time, from a perspective of cleansing the body and reducing the intake of packaged and industrialized foods, since eggs are a natural food rich in, good fats, vitamins A and E, and protein of biological value.

Therefore, it allows an interesting calorie consumption when compared to other types of restrictive diets, allowing the practice of light and moderate exercises, such as walking, dancing and moderate weight training, to help with weight loss.

Cautions to follow after an egg diet

Ideally, an egg diet should be accompanied by a nutritionist, who can better indicate the appropriate amount of eggs for each case. In addition, after 2 weeks of this diet, it is necessary to maintain a balanced diet giving preference to fresh foods, avoiding the consumption of processed foods.

To speed up the process of weight loss and maintain weight and your health after this diet, it is also important to practice physical activity regularly.

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