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Does Taking the Contraceptive Pill During Pregnancy Harm Your Baby?

The use of the birth control pill during pregnancy usually does not affect the development of the baby, so if you took the pill in the first weeks of pregnancy, when you didn't know you were pregnant, you need not be worried, although you should tell your doctor. However, despite this, once you discover the pregnancy, you should stop taking the birth control pill.

Taking the contraceptive during pregnancy also does not cause miscarriage, but if the woman takes a progestin-only pill, called a mini-pill, the risk of an ectopic pregnancy, which develops in the fallopian tubes, is higher than in women who take hormonal combined pills. This is a serious situation that requires immediate treatment as it is incompatible with the baby's life and puts the mother's life at risk.

Does Taking the Contraceptive Pill During Pregnancy Harm Your Baby?

What can happen to the baby

If you take the contraceptive pill only in the first weeks of gestation, during which time you did not know about the pregnancy, it does not present any risks to the baby. Although there are suspicions that the baby may be born with low birth weight or are more likely to be born before 38 weeks of gestation.

However, prolonged use of the contraceptive pill during pregnancy can be harmful because the hormones in this drug, which are estrogen and progesterone, can affect the formation of the baby's sex organs and cause defects in the urinary tract, but these changes rarely occur, and so you can put your mind at ease.

What to do if you suspect you are pregnant

If there is any suspicion that you may be pregnant, you should immediately stop taking the pill and take a pregnancy test that you can buy at the pharmacy. If the pregnancy is confirmed, you should start prenatal consultations, and if you are not pregnant, you can use another method of protection against unwanted pregnancies, such as a condom, and after the descent of your menstrual cycle, you can initiate a new pill pack.

Learn to recognize pregnancy symptoms and take our online test to find out if you are pregnant.

If you have not stopped the package before checking that you are not pregnant, you can continue to take the pill as normal.


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