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Common causes and how to treat heel and foot pain

Heel pain can be caused by several situations, and a common hypothesis is plantar fasciitis, which is usually a quick injury to be cured. This injury can be caused by wearing high heels for many hours at a time, or by standing with this type of shoe for a long time.

Another common cause of foot pain is the stretching of tendons and ligaments located in this region during a run. In this case, it is common to feel pain in the arch of the foot during running, when waking or walking.

Staying many hours on you feet, wearing sandals or slippers can also cause pain in the soles of the feet and in this case, doing a foot scaling is a great way to relieve this discomfort.

Main causes and their treatment

Other possible causes for foot pain may be:

  • Calcaneal spur that causes pain in the heel and also in the sole of the foot: Placing a cold patch may help, but there are other home treatments that can alleviate the symptoms.
  • Inflammation of the fascia, a tissue that lines the tendons in the sole of the foot: Use a cold water bag or dip your feet in cold water with ice cubes.
  • Inflammation of the metatarsals, which causes pain in the arch of the foot: Use a cold water bag or dip your feet in the cold water with ice cubes.
  • Foot Sprain: Lie with your belly up and elevate your feet, wrapping an icy patch. See other possible home treatments.
  • Excessive physical activity: You should rest with your feet elevated and can dip your feet in warm or cold water;
  • Flat foot or crooked foot: Doing physiotherapy to correct the curve of the foot, you may need to use insoles or orthopedic shoes.
  • Wrong tread: Do physical therapy to correct the way you step foot on the ground, a good treatment is global postural reeducation.
  • Having one leg shorter than the other: use insoles to match the length of the legs, in more severe cases surgery may be required.

To identify and treat foot pain it is advised to consult an orthopedist, especially when the pain maintains itself for more than 3 days

Home treatment

A good example of a home treatment for foot or heel pain is to remove the shoe and do simple stretching by positioning the hand so that it holds the toes, bringing them towards your belly. The fingers should be held in this position for approximately 1 minute and this movement should be repeated at least 3 times to have the expected effect.

Doing a foot massage is also a quick and easy way to end foot pain. To do it, just put a little moisturizer on your feet and, with the softest part of your hand and your thumbs, press your foot a little, insisting more on the most painful regions.

How to avoid

To prevent uncomfortable foot pain, you should treat your feet well daily. It is very important to invest in quality shoes that are really comfortable.

The ideal shoe should be lightweight, accommodate the foot well, have a rubber sole and a small height, or wide enough not to cause imbalance.

For those who suffer from foot pain during races, it is important besides running shoes, running on a treadmill, on the sand or on a good asphalt, for example. It is not recommended you run on lawns and in places full of holes, because they favor falling.

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