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How to use the calendar method to get pregnant

The calendar method helps women get pregnant faster, because it helps to find out when is your most fertile days. So that when you have sex during this time, you can get pregnant. However, it should not be used to prevent pregnancy, because it is a method that is not 100% safe and so in this case, you should use another type of contraceptive method such as the pill or the condom, for example.

The calendar method can work because theoretically the woman is fertile and ready to get pregnant at that stage of the month, which is about 5 days. But since not every woman has a regular menstrual cycle, it can be difficult to know exactly when her next fertile period will be, but in any case the table can help you identify the days when you will be most likely to actually get pregnant .

 How to use the calendar method to get pregnant

Calender method online

If you are tired and do not what to take notes, you can put in your data below and we will calculate your fertile days for you:

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How to make my own table

To make your own table and always have around, just write down on a calendar the days of your period, so you can do the math and know exactly when to have sex.

If you have a 28-day menstrual cycle, mark your first menstrual day on the calendar and count 14 days. On this date you will be on your most fertile day. But as this day can vary due to stress, hormonal changes and other reasons, you should consider having intercourse 2 days before and 2 days after that day, totaling 5 days, thus forming your most fertile days.

To make the table more efficient and a safer method, it is recommended that the woman writes down on a calendar the days se menstruates every month for at least one year.

How effective is the calendar method

The board method works best for women who have a regular menstrual cycle. Women who have difficulty knowing when their next menstruation will come because they have a very variable cycle may find it more difficult to get pregnant because of the difficulty of knowing when is her fertile days. In this case, one can resort to an ovulation test from the pharmacy, which indicates when women are in their fertile days.

Advantages and disadvantages of the calendar method


You do not need another contraceptive method

It is not an effective contraceptive method to avoid pregnancy because there may be flaws

It makes women know their body better

Requires discipline to note monthly the days of your period

It doesn't have side effects like some medication

Intimate contact can not happen during your fertile days so you don't get pregnant

It's free and does not interfere with fertilityDoes not protect against sexually transmitted diseases
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