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What Causes Depression? 5 Causes & Treatment Options

Updated in 08-04-2022

A depressão pode acontecer como consequência de fatores genéticos, ambientais e psicológicos, sendo importante que o psicólogo seja consultado para que seja identificada a causa da depressão e possa ser iniciado o melhor tratamento. Conheça.

How to Cure Depression: Medications, Psychoherapy & More

Updated in 08-01-2022

Depression treatment often uses a multi-modal approach that incorporates medication and therapy. Treatment type and duration differs from person to person. There are new and alternative therapies, like electroconvulsive therapy and acupuncture that many may find beneficial. Learn more about how to cure depression.

7 Signs of Autism in Babies & What To Do

Updated in 05-16-2022

Signs of autism in babies can start to emerge at 12 months and can involve difficulty with interacting with their parents and other children, as well as lack of facial expression. If you suspect autism, you should consult your pediatrician. Learn more about the signs of autism in babies and about treatment available.

Trypophobia: Symptoms, Causes, Triggers & Treatment

Updated in 05-04-2022

Trypophobia is an irrational fear of holes or irregular patterns that can cause anxiety attacks. Find out more about trypophobia, how to identify the main symptoms, and forms of treatment.

Stockholm Syndrome: What Is It, Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Updated in 03-15-2022

Stockholm Syndrome is a psychological phenomenon that can happen in people who are living under situations of intense stress and danger. It is characterized by the development of an emotional attachment to the aggressors. Understand what Stockholm syndrome is and how to identify it.

Sociopath: Meaning, Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Updated in 02-11-2022

A sociopath is someone with anti-social personality disorder. They usually have behaviors like apathy, aggressiveness and lack of consideration for others. Learn more about anti-social personality disorder, and its causes, symptoms and treatment.

Imposter Syndrome: How to Identify & Deal with It

Updated in 02-03-2022

Imposter syndrome is characterized by a group of behaviours that are normally exhibited by people who doubt their capacities and fear that they will one day be exposed for being a fraud. Learn about other behaviours associated with this psychological phenomenon.

Bipolar Disorder: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Updated in 02-03-2022

Bipolar disorder is a severe mental illness that causes fluctuations in mood which can range from depression and deep sadness, to extreme euphoria. Learn more about the symptoms associated with different types of bipolar disorder and use our online test.

13 Signs of a Narcissist & How to Deal with Narcissism

Updated in 02-02-2022

Narcissism is a psychological condition characterized by a grandiose sense of self. This excessive sense of entitlement often occurs at the expense of others. Learn about the different characteristics of a narcissist and how it can be managed.

Anxiety Attack: What It Is, Symptoms & How to Stop It

Updated in 11-06-2021

An anxiety attack can leave you feeling very worried, nervous and insecure, as if something bad is about to happen. Learn about other symptoms associated with anxiety attacks and how to stop them.