Brown Discharge Before Period: 8 Causes & What It Means

Updated in 07-04-2023

Brown discharge before a period can be a sign of ovulation or implantation. However, when it occurs with other symptoms, it may be a sign of infection or inflammation, which require assessment by a doctor. Learn about the common causes of brown discharge and what to do.

Blood Clots During a Period: 7 Causes (& What To Do)

Updated in 06-21-2023

Blood clots or fleshy tissue during menstruation can be normal and can happen due to an imbalance in the woman's hormones that cause the lining of the uterine walls to thicken. However, it can also be a sign of some health problems such as endometriosis or myoma. Learn how to identify the possible cause and what to do.

Ovulation Symptoms: 10 Signs That You May Be Ovulating

Updated in 06-05-2023

The most obvious sign of ovulation is an increase in vaginal discharge, but there are other symptoms that can help you identify whether you are ovulating. Read about the 6 most common ovulation symptoms and learn how you can determine your fertile window.

Light Period: 10 Common Causes & What to Do

Updated in 06-02-2023

A light period, or hypomenorrhea, is generally not a concerning finding. However, it may indicate a problem with hormonal production, like PCOS, particularly if the period is light but prolonged. Learn more about what causes a light period,.

Morning-After Pill: How it Works, How to Take & Other FAQ

Updated in 04-11-2023

The morning-after pill is an emergency contraceptive method that can be used up to 5 days after unprotected sex. Read more about how it works, how to take it and whether there are side effects associated with use. Also check out the frequen.

How to Make Your Period Come Faster: 8 Methods to Try

Updated in 02-02-2023

Some simple and effective ways to make your period come faster include: using birth control, avoiding heavy physical activity and changing your diet. It is important to rule out pregnancy however, if you experience a late period following unprotected sex. Learn more about ways to induce your period.

Why Is My Period Lasting So Long? 7 Causes & What to Do

Updated in 12-21-2022

A period that lasts for over 8 days may be a sign of an abnormality in the reproductive system, like fibroids, polyps or IUD use. It may also be a sign of an STI, endometriosis, or even pregnancy. Learn about what causes of long, heavy periods and what to do.

Pregnancy Symptoms Week One: 5 Early Signs in the First Week

Updated in 11-21-2022

Symptoms in the first week of pregnancy are very subtle and may not even be noticed by many women. However, the first days of pregnancy can cause major hormonal changes, which may trigger symptoms like mood swings and breast sensitivity. Learn more about the most common symptoms of pregnancy in the first week .

How to Get Pregnant Fast: 5 Tips to Boost Fertility

Updated in 10-10-2022

To improve your chances of getting pregnant, you can consider trying simple strategies, like having sex during your fertile period and eating specific foods that boost fertility. Exercise can also have a positive effect on fertility. Check our tips for getting pregnant fast .

Ovulation Bleeding: What It Looks Like & Is It Serious

Updated in 10-06-2022

Ovulation discharge is often a scant amount of spotting that occurs during the ovulation phase of the menstrual cycle. It usually lasts for about 2 days and happens due to expected hormonal changes. Learn more about ovulation bleeding, what it looks like and when to see the doctor .

Can You Get Pregnant Without Sex?

Updated in 07-15-2022

Is it really possible to get pregnant without sex and penetration? This is a very common question that can cause worry and anxiety in both men and women. Learn about the likelihood of pregnancy even when no penetration occurs.

Fertile Window Calculator & Calendar

Updated in 07-14-2022

The fertile window is a period of about 6 days that happens, on average, around the 14th day of a 28-day menstrual cycle. Use our online calculator to know when your next fertile window is due and learn how to calculate your fertile window if you have an irregular cycle .

Ovulation Calculator & Calendar: When Will You Ovulate?

Updated in 07-14-2022

Ovulation is characterized by the moment the egg is released by an ovary and is ready to be fertilized. In healthy women it typically occurs in the middle of the menstrual cycle. Use our online calculator to find out in which days you will be ovulation.

Spotting Before a Period: 7 Causes & When to Worry

Updated in 06-10-2022

Spotting is bleeding that occurs outside of your regular period. It can be normal, especially after completing a vaginal exam, or after recent birth control changes, but it can also be a sign of a health problem. Learn about the causes of spotting and when to see your doctor.

Cervical Mucus: During Ovulation, Stages & More

Updated in 04-06-2022

Cervical mucus is a liquid discharge produced by the cervix and excreted from the vagina. It is a normal, expected type of vaginal discharge that helps to keep the reproductive system healthy and lubricated. Learn about how cervical mucus can change and how to check it.