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Best tips to help baby's with constipation

The frequency of a baby's poop varies according to his age and changes in eating habits. Constipation usually occurs between the first and second months and after the child begins eating solid foods.

If the stools are hard and dry, a natural and very efficient solution before resorting to suppositories or syrups to loosen the baby's intestine is pure orange juice. To make this natural home remedy just give the baby 2 tablespoons of orange juice without straining to babies, under the age of 1, every 5 hours between mealtimes.

Best tips to help baby's with constipation

Foods that help with constipation in baby's

Some of the main foods with laxative effect, that can be offered to a baby from 4 to 6 months of age and thar help to loosen the bowel, are:

  • Fruits: papaya, orange with bagasse, black plum, tangerine, peach;
  • Boiled leafy vegetables: cabbage, broccoli, spinach;
  • Vegetables: carrots, sweet potatoes, beets, squash;
  • Whole grains: oats, wheat bran.

It is not recommended you give laxatives or laxative teas to a baby, such as sacred peptone or genipa tea, unless indicated by your pediatrician.

Foods that may cause constipation in baby's

In addition to offering foods that help loosen the baby's intestines, it is also important to avoid foods that cause constipation, such as banana, guava, pear and apple, especially when offered without peel.

Also avoid including in the baby's vegetable soup such as potato, manioc, cassava, pasta, or yam, as they tend to leave the intestine more constipated.

Drinking water helps to alleviate constipation

Best tips to help baby's with constipation

Besides the water present in food, it is essential to give water to the baby throughout the day, especially when he starts solid foods such as purees and porridges to soften their stools. It may also be necessary to do purees, soups and porridges with a little more water so that the baby is well hydrated.

Infants who only eat breast milk are given enough water through the milk they drink, but if the stools continue to dry out, you should talk to a pediatrician to give more water between feedings.

When to go to the doctor

If your baby's bowel shows signs of pain or if the belly looks very hard for two days in a row, it is important to see your pediatrician. In addition, if blood appears in the stools or if the stools become very dark or almost white, it is also a sign that there may be bleeding in the intestine or problems in the liver, and it is necessary to seek a pediatrician. Find out what are the main causes of changes in baby poop.

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