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Benefits of a Potassium Permanganate Bath

A potassium permanganate bath can be used to help treat itching and heal common skin wounds, and is especially useful in cases of chicken pox, a common childhood disease.

This bath can help to eliminate the bacteria and fungi on the skin, because it has antiseptic action and so may help with the healing of burn wounds and chicken pox spots, for example.

The potassium permanganate bath can also be used in the shower bath to aid in the treatment of discharge, candidiasis, vulvovaginitis or vaginitis.

Benefits of a Potassium Permanganate Bath

How to do a potassium permanganate bath

To take a bath of potassium permanganate, it is recommended you:

  • Place 1 pill of 100 mg of potassium permanganate in a bowl of 4 liters of warm water until diluted.

Take a bath normally and in the end stay in the water with the potassium permanganate for a maximum of 10 minutes every day until the wounds completely disappear. After bathing, dry with a soft towel, without rubbing your skin, to avoid irritation. Do not stay in the water any longer so as not to irritate your skin.

Essential Cautions

It is important not to hold the pill directly with your fingers, you should open the package and drop the pill inside the bowl where the water is, for example.

The pills are corrosive and should not come into direct contact with the skin as it may cause irritation, redness, pain, severe burns and dark spots at the contact regions. However, when properly diluted the potassium permanganate is safe and causes no damage to the skin.

Cautions should also be taken so that the product does not come into contact with your eyes because the pills, or very concentrated water, can cause severe irritation, redness and blurred vision.

The pills can not be ingested either, but if this happens do not induce vomiting, it is more recommended you drink large amounts of water and go to the emergency room as soon as possible.

Where to buy

A box of potassium permanganate pills can be purchased at any pharmacy, drugstore or amazon.

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