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Baby's Ear Infection: Symptoms and Treatment

An earache in baby's is often caused by an inflammation or ear infection called otitis. It is a relatively common situation in children up to 5-6 years of age. It can be caused by the water entering the ear (external Otitis), causing inflammation or infection, or by the multiplication of viruses, bacteria or fungi inside the middle ear (Otitis media) of the baby, which sometimes comes from typical secretions of colds and the flu.

In addition to otitis, other diseases such as Mumps, Measles, Pneumonia, Influenza or Viral infections are also common causes for ear infections in baby's.

Baby's Ear Infection: Symptoms and Treatment

Main symptoms

The symptoms of an earache in baby's can be:

  • Irritability;
  • Crying;
  • Lack of appetite;
  • Difficulty in breastfeeding and the baby may even reject the breast;
  • Put their little hand in the ear a lot of the time;
  • Difficulty in resting their head on the side where the infected ear is;
  • Swing your head sideways a lot of times.

Generally, an earache in a baby creates a fever, but a moderate fever that does not exceed 38.5ºC.

If there is perforation of the eardrum, there may be a bad odor in the ear and pus, which can sometimes cause momentary hearing loss, which if not properly treated can become permanent.

How is the treatment done

Whatever the medication used for an earache in baby's, it should be prescribed by their pediatrician, and some options for treatment include:

  • Analgesics and antipyretics, such as Dipyrone or Paracetamol, for relief of the pain and fever:
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs, such as Ibuprofen, for relief from inflammation and pain;
  • Antibiotics, such as Amoxicillin or Cefuroxime, should only be used when the infection is caused by bacteria.

Decongestants may be used when otitis is accompanied by a cold or other respiratory infections that cause secretions, and should also be directed by a pediatrician.

Home Treatment Options

A complementary home remedy for earache in baby's is to put a cloth after passing the iron to the baby's ear, being careful that is has cooled down. It is necessary to keep in mind the temperature of the cloth so as not to burn the baby (place it next to their face).

In addition, throughout the treatment, it is important to offer lots of fluids and pasty foods, such as soups, purees, yogurts, and fruit kneaded to the baby. This care is important because ear pain is often related to a sore throat and the baby may feel pain when swallowing and less irritation in the throat, the better they will and the faster they will recover.

Ear pain in baby's on the airplane

The earache in the baby is also common when traveling by plane and in this case, what can be done is to hold the baby on your lap and put them to suck on the breast or the bottle during the landing and takeoff. The pacifier can also be used, but it is less efficient.

The act of sucking and swallowing relieves pressure on the baby's ears and lessens the discomfort he feels during these moments on the plane.

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