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Anti-inflammatory Drugs for a Sore throat: natural and pharmacy medication

Some examples of anti-inflammatory drugs that may be indicated by your physician for the treatment of a sore throat are nimesulide, ibuprofen, acetylsalicylic acid, diclofenac, ketoprofen, benzidamine hydrochloride and naproxen, for example.

These anti-inflammatory drugs should be taken after meals so as not to upset your stomach, because this type of medication usually irritates the stomach lining, especially in people who suffer from gastritis or have greater gastric sensitivity.

Anti-inflammatory Drugs for a Sore throat: natural and pharmacy medication

Natural anti-inflammatory drugs for the throat 

An excellent natural anti-inflammatory for a sore throat is ginger and honey althea tea, because althea has anti-inflammatory, soothing and decongestant properties, ginger is also a natural anti-inflammatory and has analgesic properties and the honey can lubricate your throat, reducing the discomfort.

To make this tea simply put 1 teaspoon of chopped leaves and 1 cm ginger in 1 cup of boiling water and wait 2 minutes. After this time, remove the althea leaves and add 1 tablespoon of honey, letting it cool down and drink up to 3 cups of tea a day until the sore throat passes.

Anti-inflammatory drugs for a sore throat in children

An infant anti-inflammatory that is usually prescribed by your pediatrician for the treatment of sore throats is ibuprofen, for example, and the dose should be adjusted according to the child's weight and age.

Not all anti-inflammatory drugs are for pediatric use, so if your child has a sore throat, a pediatrician should be consulted to indicate the most appropriate anti-inflammatory medication and its dose.

Anti-inflammatory Drugs for a Sore throat: natural and pharmacy medication

Anti-inflammatory drugs during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Anti-inflammatory drugs are not recommended during breastfeeding because they can cause complications and pass to the baby through breast milk, so in such cases you should see your doctor before taking any throat anti-inflammatory drugs.

A great natural option to relieve inflammation and sore throat in these cases is lemon and ginger tea. To make the tea, simply put 1, 4 cm peel of 1 Galician or normal lemon and 1 cm ginger in 1 cup of boiling water and wait about 3 minutes. After this time, add 1 tablespoon of honey, let it cool down and drink up to 3 cups of tea a day.

Home Remedies For Sore Throat

See how to make some great natural remedies that can complement your doctor's treatment.

Possible side effects of anti-inflammatory drugs

The main side effects of anti-inflammatory drugs include nausea, vomiting, abdominal discomfort, stomach problems such as gastritis or ulcers, altered liver and kidney cells, skin allergy and hives.

To reduce the stomach ache caused by anti-inflammatory drugs it is recommended to take the medication at lunch or dinner and take an antacid for breakfast to protect the stomach.

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