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5 Weeks of pregnancy: fetal development

At 5 weeks of gestation the baby is developing quickly, this phase is the begging of the second month of pregnancy and is marked by the appearance of a groove in the back of the embryo, and a small protuberance that will be the head but which is still smaller than the head of a pin.

At this stage the mother may experience nausea in the morning and she can chew bits of ginger upon waking to help alleviate this symptom, but the doctor may prescribe the use of a medication for nausea during the first months.

Milestones at 5 weeks of gestation

The fetus at 5 weeks of gestation has already formed all the blocks that will give birth to the baby's vital organs.

The blood circulation between the baby and the mother is already happening and microscopic blood vessels begin to form.

The embryo receives oxygen through the placenta and the amynotic sac is formed.

The heart begins to form and is still the size of a poppy seed.

Size of an 5 week old fetus

The fetus at 5 weeks is no bigger than a grain of rice.

5 Weeks of pregnancy: fetal development
5 Weeks of pregnancy: fetal development

Changes to the mother's body at 5 weeks

The changes to the mother at 5 weeks of pregnancy include:

  • Drowsiness, excessive fatigue and morning sickness, so it is important for the pregnant woman to rest whenever possible;
  • Increased metabolism due to the work her body needs to do for the baby's to develop;
  • Increased heart rate and breathing it is necessary to send oxygen to the baby, leaving the mother almost always sleepy and tired;
  • Disgust with certain foods and frequent nausea, which can happen at any time of the day, being more common in the morning upon waking.
  • Increased size of the uterus, although not yet easily perceived by all;
  • Increased blood volume to fill the new blood vessels of the placenta and the baby's organs;
  • More painful and heavy breasts, and may feel a slight tingling in the nipples due to hormonal changes.

Emotional changes in pregnancy include: sensitivity, nervousness, and anxiety. In this case it is best to talk with your partner about what is going on so that he understands and can help you get better through this phase. It is also important to let feelings be expressed without guilt because all this is temporary.

The diet of the pregnant woman of 5 weeks should be of quality and not in more quantity because everything that the pregnant eats passes to the baby. Preference should be given to: fresh foods, fruits, cooked vegetables, fish, whole grains, water and skimmed milk, and avoid: sweets, cakes, industrialized foods and very spicy, and alcoholic or very sugary drinks.

The pregnant woman may feel more hungry than usual but it is important to ensure the intake of a greater amount of nutrients and therefore the ideal is not to eat sweets or fatty foods giving preference to fruits, cereals and yogurts, to avoid excessive weight gain.

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