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28 Weeks of pregnancy: fetal development

At 28 weeks of gestation, which is 7 months pregnant, the fetus development is marked by a more defined sleep pattern and wakefulness. That is, as of this week, the baby already wakes up and sleeps when desired, and has a less wrinkled appearance because it begins to accumulate fat underneath the skin.

When the fetus is born at 28 weeks it can survive, however, they must stay in the hospital until their lungs are fully developed, allowing them to breathe on their own.

Fetal development at 28 weeks of gestation

At this stage of pregnancy, the fetus skin is less transparent and paler, due to the accumulation of fat. In addition, the brain cells multiply greatly, and the baby begins to react to pain, touch, sound and light that passes through the mother's belly, causing it to move more. Even at 28 weeks of gestation, the fetus drinks amniotic fluid and accumulates stools in the gut, helping to build meconium.

In addition, at the 28 th week of gestation the baby begins to recognize the mother's voice and react to loud noises, like loud music, for example, and the heart is already beating at a faster rate.

The baby also begins to have regular cycles of sleep, breathing and swallowing.

Size of a 28 week fetus

The size of the fetus at 28 weeks gestation is approximately 36 centimeters from the head to the heel and has an average weight of 1,100 kg.

Photos of a 28 week fetus

28 Weeks of pregnancy: fetal development
28 Weeks of pregnancy: fetal development

Changes to the mother's body at 28 weeks

By the seventh month, the breasts may leak colostrum and the expectant mother may have some difficulty falling asleep. Abdominal pressure is greatly increased and the gastrointestinal tract functions more slowly, so heartburn or constipation sometimes accompanied by hemorrhoids may occur.

Therefore, it is recommended you make small meals consuming little liquids or none at meal times, eating slowly and chewing slowly the foods in order to avoid heartburn. In addition, it is important to avoid taking laxatives to avoid constipation as they can reduce the nutrient absorption of food, giving preference to raw fruits and vegetables, with or without peel, as they can help to improve intestinal transit.

It is also normal for woman to presents pain in the pelvic joint, and is usually the result of hormonal changes. Also, at this stage of pregnancy it is difficult to find a comfortable sleeping or lower position to pick up something on the floor. It is therefore recommended to avoid straining and resting as much as possible.


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