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21 Weeks of pregnancy: fetal development

The development of the baby at 21 weeks' gestation, which is about 5 months of pregnancy, is marked by the development of all the bones. It is possible to complete the production of red blood cells and to start production of white blood cells, which are cells responsible for protecting the body.

At this stage, the uterus has grown a lot and the belly begins to get steeper, but despite this, some women believe that their belly is small, which is normal because there is much variation in the size of the belly from one woman to another. Normally up to the 21 st week of gestation, the mother has gained about 5kg.

Fetal Development milestones at 21 weeks

Regarding the development of the fetus at 21 weeks gestation, it may be observed that the small blood vessels carry blood under the skin that is very thin, and therefore the baby's skin is very pink. It does not yet have a lot of stored fat because it uses it all as a source of energy, but in the next few weeks, some fat will start to be stored, making the skin less transparent.

In addition, the nails begin to grow and the baby may scratch a lot, but it is not able to scratch himself because the skin is protected by a mucosa. On the ultrasound, the baby's nose may look quite wide, but this is because the nasal bone has not yet developed, and as soon as it develops, the baby's nose will become thinner and longer.

As the baby still has a lot of space, it can move freely, being able to do full somersaults and changes position several times a day, however, some women may still not feel the baby move, especially if it is the first pregnancy.

The baby swallows the amniotic fluid and it is digested, forming the baby's first stools, a sticky, black stool. Meconium is stored in the baby's intestine from 12 weeks to birth, being free of bacteria and therefore does not cause gas in the baby.

If the baby is a girl, after the 21 st week the uterus and vagina are already formed, while in the case of boys from that week of gestation, the testicles begin to descend into the scrotum.

At this stage of development, the baby can already perceive sounds and recognize the voice of parents, for example. So you can put some songs or read to the baby so that he can stay calm, for example.

Photos of a 21 week fetus

21 Weeks of pregnancy: fetal development

Size of a 21 week fetus

The size of the fetus at 21 weeks gestation is approximately 25 cm, measured from the head to the heel, and its weight is about 300 g.

Changes to the mother's body at 21 weeks

It is normal for women at 21 weeks of pregnancy include memory failures, which are becoming more frequent, and many women complain of an increase in vaginal discharge, but since it does not smell or has a color, it is not dangerous.

Practicing some type of exercise is recommended to improve blood circulation, prevent bloating, excessive weight gain and to facilitate labor. But not all exercises can be performed during pregnancy, you must always choose the quiet ones, which have no impact, such as walking, water aerobics, Pilates or some bodybuilding exercises.

As for food, ideally you should avoid sweets and fatty foods, which do not provide nutrients and tend to accumulate in the form of fat. The amount of food should not be greater than what was ingested before becoming pregnant. The idea that just because you are pregnant, you should eat by 2, it is a myth. The truth is that you need to feed properly, giving preference to foods rich in vitamins as this is very important for the development of the baby.

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