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16 Weeks of pregnancy: fetal development

The baby at 16 weeks of gestation has about 4 months and it is during this period that the eyebrows begin to appear and the lips and mouth are better defined, which allow the baby to make some facial expressions. For this reason, it is as of this week that many women begin to be able to identify some familiar characteristics in the ultrasound, like the father's chin or the eyes of the grandmother, for example.

Most of the time, it is from this week on that you may find out your baby's gender and it is also from this time that many women begin to feel the baby's first movements in the womb, which begin by being subtle but they can help the mother know that everything is going well with the baby's development.

Photos of a 16 week fetus

16 Weeks of pregnancy: fetal development
16 Weeks of pregnancy: fetal development

Milestones at 16 weeks

This week, the organs are already formed, but they are still developing and maturing. In the case of girls, the ovaries are already producing eggs, and by the 16th week, up to 4 million eggs can already exist. This number increases until about 20 weeks, when it reaches close to 7 million. Then, the number of eggs decrease and when she reaches adolescence she has about 300 to 500 thousand.

The heart beat is strong and the muscles are active, and the skin becomes rosy, yet slightly transparent. Nails also begin to emerge and it is possible to observe the whole skeleton.

This week, even though the baby is getting all the oxygen he needs through the umbilical cord, the baby begins to train breathing movements to further encourage lung development.

Size of a 16 week fetus

At 16 weeks of gestation, the baby is approximately 10 centimeters, which is similar to the size of an average avocado, and its weight is approximately between 70 to 100 g.

When does the mother feel the first movements

At this stage the baby has developed muscles and begins to move more and, therefore, some women can begin to feel the first movements of its baby by this week. Generally, the movements are difficult to identify, being similar to the gas movement after drinking a soda, for example.

Usually, these movements will become stronger throughout the pregnancy, until birth. Therefore, if at any time the pregnant woman feels that the movements are getting weaker or less frequent, it is recommended  you go to the obstetrician to see if there is any problem with the development.

Changes to the mother's body at 16 weeks

The changes in the woman at 16 weeks of pregnancy mainly involves increasing the volume and the sensitivity of the breasts. In addition, as the baby is already more developed and needs more energy to continue growing, many pregnant women may also feel an increase in appetite.

The food in this, as in the other phases, is important, but now as the appetite increases you need to be aware when choosing foods, because quality should be valued and not quantity. Therefore, it is important to follow a balanced and varied diet, being recommended you avoid fried or oily foods, in addition to sweets and alcoholic beverages are discouraged.

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